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A Brief History of Vacuum Cleaners

A Brief History of Vacuum Cleaners carpet cleaning-idaho fallsA Brief History of Vacuum Cleaners : The first person to patent a machine for cleaning was David Hess in the year 1860. Housewives all over America had turned to use rugs and carpets, a trait brought over by the waves of immigrants coming from Europe, to cover their bare wood floors and keep the dust and dirt to a minimum. When they were dirty, they had to be carried outside, suspended somehow in the air, and then beaten with a metal rod or heavy wooden stick.

A bit later someone invented a small, tennis racket-looking device

called a rug beater for precisely this purpose. Mr. Hess soon realized that there was probably an easier way to clean rugs without all the fuss and mess and he invented the Carpet Sweeper which had a rotating brush combined with a bellows system that created suction. His amazing invention also used two water chambers to trap the dust and fine dirt. The only problem with Mr. Hess’s machine is that there is no proof it was ever produced.

After Mr. Hess’ invention, there came a period of wilder and weirder inventions

that sought to accomplish the same thing. In the late 1870’s, Melville Bissell (sound familiar?) marketed a carpet sweeper that picked up the dirt and dropped it into a pan behind the rotating brush, adds Vin Faugeres . In 1899, John Thurman invented a gasoline-powered vacuum cleaner that is credited as being the first motorized version. Hubert Booth of London invented the electric vacuum in 1901, a device so large that it was parked outside the house and a 100-foot long hose snaked its way inside and did the dirty work.

The device was so popular that housewives all over London

held vacuum parties to enjoy the event. It wasn’t until 1908 when James Spangler, a janitor in Ohio, invented the first portable, suction cleaner — the precursor to today’s high-tech machines. He sold his patent to his cousin’s husband, William Hoover (also familiar?) and the rest, as they say is history.

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Carpet Cleaning

Benefits Of Carpet

augusta-ga-carpet-cleaning-staffBenefits Of Carpet : In the past and even today, carpet is very popular with home owners all across the U.S. Carpet is the most practical, fashionable, and versatile choice of flooring out there, as it also accounts for more than half of all flooring purchases that are made each and every year. The fact is, carpet has outsold every other type of flooring for more than 60 years.

Carpet offers you several advantages that other flooring options can’t compete with. Below, you will find many of the features that carpet will add to your home.


Carpet is the best choice you can make for your bedroom, family room, and other areas where you need warmth underfoot.


Both carpet and carpet padding will provide an extra layer of much needed insulation between the floors of your home. Depending on the density and weight of the carpet, it contributes to the R-value of your home, which adds to the energy efficiency as well.


Carpet offers a slip resistant surface that will prevent accidents along with a natural cushion in the event of someone falling, tells Tuto Freecad . For young children and the elderly, this is very important.

Reduction in sound

Carpet will also reduce noise better than any other type of flooring. Carpet works to dampen noise in three ways:
1. Reduces surface noise from foot traffic
2. Absorbs airborne sound
3. Blocks transmission of sound
These qualities are valuable in apartments as well as semi-detached homes.


Adding carpet to a room can also disguise any existing damage to the floor and also hide any other problems such as warped floors. The thicker density the carpet is, the more problems it will be able to hide.

Easy to care for

The carpets of today are more stain resistant than they have ever been in the past, which makes cleaning even the worst possible spills easier than ever. No matter type of spill it may be, there is always a way to clean it up.

Clean air

Research has proven that carpet can indeed improve the quality of air by trapping allergy causing dust and allergens if it is properly cleaned and maintained.

Variety of use

Carpets aren’t only for floors anymore, which is a really great thing. You can easily add carpet to steps, stairs, walls, posts, and other non
level surfaces, without having to worry about it slipping, lifting, or buckling.


Carpet is the primary foundation in almost any room. Because it is available in a variety of different colors and textures, it helps to
create an unlimited number of possibilities for decorating. From the neutral tones to rich solids, carpet is the first step you can take to make your home look better than ever.

Low cost

Carpet doesn’t cost a lot of money, as it offers an economical alternative to the other types of expensive flooring. Even with professional installation, you won’t pay near as much as you
would for hard surfaces. Unlike hard surfaces, carpet can keep you comfortable if you decide to lay down on it.

Life span

The carpets of today are very durable and can outlast most other types of flooring available on the market. All you have to do is select a type of carpet that has a life span of 5 – 30 years or more, which is very common now days.


With most manufacturers, you can get great warranties with your carpet purchase. This way, you’ll be protected when you install your new carpet. Once installed, all you have to do is enjoy it – as the warranty will ensure that you are very well protected.

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Choosing Canister Vacuum Cleaner

carpet-cleaners-medford-or-rugChoosing Canister Vacuum Cleaner : the major criteria involved with choosing a canister vacuum cleaner is what floor surfaces you plan to clean versus the power of the vacuum.

Almost all canister vacuum cleaners offer 3 choices of tools  for the surfaces of floors:

1. A bare floor hard plastic brush that’s about 10″ – 12″ wide with soft bristles.
2. Turbo brush that features a spinning drum roller with harder bristles.
3. A power head brush that is similar to the turbo brush although it is powered by a seperate motor.

Both the turbo brush and power head brush vacuums  have a spinning drum roller with bristles that  resemble that of an upright vacuum cleaner. While the brushes look and perform pretty much the same, the power head brush vacuum has a smaller seperate
motor that turns the brush on the bottom of it,  therefore making it more powerful and much more aggressive than the turbo type brush that is  turned by the flow of air being pulled past it.

These types of brushes will snap the fibers of the carpet and allow the air to get beneath the dirt particles , tells Société pétrolière tunisie recrutement . If you can’t get air to go under these particles, then you won’t be able to suck  them out, regardless of how much suction power you are able to apply with a vacuum cleaner.

When you purchase a turbo or power head vacuum cleaner to be used primarily on carpet surfaces, you’ll also receive a brush for bare floors as  well that is perfect for areas without carpet.

The rule of thumb as to which model of vacuum cleaner you should choose is:

1. The bare floor model of canister vacuum cleaners is perfect for smooth surfaces with no expectation of having rugs or carpeting.
The best choices for bare floor vacuum cleaners include Eureka Oxygen 6992 and the Miele Solaris Canister.
2. Turbo types of canister vacuum cleaners are best for scatter rugs and low pile wall-to-wall type carpeting. The best picks here are the
EIO family vacuum cleaner, the Miele Solaris, and the Sebo Turbo canister vacuum cleaner.
3. The powerhead brush types of vacuum cleaners are great for wall-to-wall carpeting and very important if you deal with pet hair. The best picks here include the Sebo Canister 3.1, the Miele Silver Moon, and the Eureka Oxygen 6996.

Some of the other important features for canister vacuum cleaners include reliability, purchase price, HEPA filter and sealed unit, the cost of replacement filters and bags, weight, storage and quality of
tools, control locations, noise, adjustable wand, retractable cord, ease of changing attachments,  bag change indicator, filter change indicator, swivel hose, and other extra features such as dirt alerts.

Almost all canister vacuums are similar in size, offer similar radiuses of cleaning, and come with the same tool attachments.

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