CrossFit Steroids

The urge to obtain more and more seems to have no limit. In fact, this is something that shifts our route from a very clean path to a considerably dangerous route!


Crossfit is an advanced training program that is becoming as popular and as common as bodybuilding these days. Essentially, it is based on some sports related facets and physical trainings to improve your:

  • Physical and mental health.
  • Stamina, strength and endurance.
  • Balance, body elasticity and so.

Since the purpose of Crossfit is to benefit you in a number of ways, the fitness program trains your body by focusing and employing larger groups of muscles along with a great variation in movement ranges.

However, considering Crossfit to have some similarity with bodybuilding is just not right. It is a high intensity fitness program that does not prioritize or solely work on ‘beautifying’ your physique- like bodybuilding does. Thereby, keep in mind that the former has a way bigger perspective than let alone, bodybuilding has.


In spite of veiling the use of steroids as harder as possible, it can never go unobserved. That is perhaps, the most dangerous part of using it, other than the risks associated to them.

Now I am sure you better know what performance enhancing drugs or say, anabolic-androgenics are, so, there isn’t a need for me to define them and drag my article unnecessarily.

Okay, let me come straight to the point- people believe the use of anabolic steroids is prevalence in Crossfit as much as it is in bodybuilding and competitive sports- is that really true?


Bodybuilders resort to anabolic steroids majorly because they desire ‘superior results’ whereas players from competitive sports long an edge over their rivals- but what reason do CrossFit trainers have when their major goal is to enhance ‘health’!

Google yourself and you will get to learn that 90 percent of sources deny the connection between CrossFit and performance enhancing drugs- evidently because of sponsored marketing. But if you concentrate the life, activities and physique of CrossFit trainers, you will never feel convinced on these baseless claims that justify the survival of the trainers on hormones that are naturally produced on their own.

I mean- REALLY? Do these so-called facts make sense even to a percent?


Out of hundreds of sensible and clear cut judgments, here are some that will strengthen your belief on the commonness of steroids among the apparently ‘clean and clear’ CrossFitters:

  • Achieving and reaching the level of musculature possessed by their trainers is simply impossible, unless you are supported by PEDs. Even if for a second we believe that some men are blessed with the ability to reach this point naturally, we will never agree that a woman can become this powerfully built in her own natural tendencies, so even if most of them don’t, the top, pro fitness models surely do!
  • Crossfitters literally train themselves day and night. Their frequent intensity level trainings are no surprise that often make their performance levels questionable to others. If you see the bigger picture, frequent trainings means speedier recoveries that take place within hours- which is just not possible if you rely on your natural healing process. So, what comes to rescue then- the performance enhancing drugs that best support speedier /superior recoveries, essential for the prevention of injury and more importantly, for growth.
  • Apart from the instant recovering abilities, CrossFitters yearn for intense, or let’s put it this way, exceptionally super level of strength and focus to perform those never ending list of exercises- back to back, efficiently! This can never be done specially when your body is prepared to survive on fewer calories, like the CrossFit trainers. Rest is clear for our simple understanding.

The list is long but I am sure you’ve got my point!


Personally, I would never like to speak against a program that is known for all good reasons. No wonder, it produces the best possible results that are always, visible to the naked eyes, but if things are kept simple and clean, you are sure to benefit, if not, sooner or later you will end yourself in a fix that was always avoidable until then.

This isn’t a surprise that PEDs stirs complications which often turn the situation too complicated for the sufferers. Frankly, in the very worst scenarios, death is a common end.

Thereby, avoid things that will make you suffer for some time, and your loved ones, for their entire life.


So next time a CrossFitter claims to be jacked by its own natural ways or to make its way to the Pro level in the program, ask him to thank his juices in the very first place!


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